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Cherokee Nation Businesses Community Relations welcomes all inquiries and requests from community organizations, non-profit groups or community businesses.

Individual or specific personal requests do not qualify for donation or sponsorship. All CNB Community Relations services shall be used for lawful purposes only. Each inquiry will be reviewed by the CNB Sponsorship Committee and issued a response.

To be considered for funding, complete the form found at the bottom of this page.

 Monetary requests must be received at least 60 days prior to the event and in-kind requests must be received 30 days prior to when the contribution is needed.

Requestors will be notified of the Sponsorship Committee’s decision within 30 days of the monthly meeting. All materials, publications or products taken to or used at an event for support or sponsorship by CNB staff, is solely the property of CNB. CNB and its entities retain all proprietary rights in any process, procedure or distribution of such. 

As a general rule, CNB sponsorships are not used for:
  • General operating costs 
  • Academic or medical research
  • Political causes, organizations or candidates 

  • Religious organizations, programs or events
  • Trips or travel
  • Endowment campaigns 

  • Monetary donations 

  • Youth sports teams

Sponsorship Request

Name *
Phone *
Name of Organization *
Role Within Organization
Mission Statement/Overview of Organization
Zip Code
Percentage of Native Americans Served by Organization
List any Volunteer Opportunities Available within your Organization
Are any Cherokee Nation or Cherokee Nation Businesses employees currently volunteering with your organization? If so, please list them and their current role.
Event Name
Event Date
Event Purpose/Description
Target Audience and Expected Number of Participants
Please list the available sponsorship levels and include benefits/promotional opportunities for each. If you prefer to upload this information as an attachment, please indicate here and attach document below.
Has the organization received sponsorship from Cherokee Nation or Cherokee Nation Businesses in the past? If so, please indicate the type of sponsorship received.
Please select the type(s) of sponsorship being requested. You can choose more than one. As a general rule, CNB sponsorships are not used for: General operating costs, individuals, academic or medical research, political causes, organizations or candidates, religious organizations, programs or events, trips or travel, endowment campaigns, monetary donations, youth sports teams.

If in-kind sponsorship, please select the property where the event is booked. Event must be booked prior to sponsorship request.
If Auction/Doorprize item - Please indicate how item will be used. If approved, you agree to provide Cherokee Nation Businesses with a report of the amount of funds generated by the received item(s).
If general contribution/other - Please explain how this request fits within Sponsorship Policy guidelines.
Additional Details/Information
Event Description Document Attached Files:

* Denotes required fields