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Our Impact

Cherokee Nation Businesses is the force behind Cherokee Nation’s success and financial stability. CNB supports local communities, cultivates relationships with philanthropic organizations, sponsors local events and strives to be a good corporate citizen. Our profits deliver critical services and programs for our people including health care, education and housing.

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Supporting Communities

While our priority is investing profits back into our tribe and community, CNB understands the difference that volunteer efforts can make. That’s why we take every opportunity to volunteer to make Oklahoma a better place. This includes making contributions and putting in thousands of hours each year at events like blood drives, community parades, and more.

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Meaningful Investment

Cherokee Nation Businesses is committed to changing the Oklahoma community through economic growth, health care and other services. We’ll continue our record-breaking efforts to reinvest our profits in services and facilities that make Oklahoma a great place to live and raise a family.

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Where the Casino Money Goes

When money is reinvested in Cherokee Nation, jobs are created. Jobs stabilize communities and encourage growth. Flourishing communities allow our culture and language to be preserved and passed on to new generations. This is where the casino money goes.

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A Culture At Work

Cherokee Nation is the largest tribal government in the United States with more than 385,000 citizens. To maintain self-reliance and economic stability, Cherokee Nation creates meaningful jobs and develops a vibrant hub of industry and commerce in Oklahoma.

Cherokee Nation and its businesses make an annual economic impact in northeast Oklahoma of $2.16 billion. CNB's revenues topped $1.1 billion in 2019. Sixty-three percent is invested in Cherokee businesses for creating jobs in "high-growth, high-potential" industries, training and educating Cherokee Nation citizens to fill jobs and promote self-sufficiency. Thirty-seven percent is invested in Cherokee programs and services including education, housing and health.


63% Invested to Create Jobs

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37% Invested in Programs and Services

Global Impact

$2.16 Billion Annual Economic Impact